Signatura Rerum is one of the newest bands formed in Romania at the end of 2012. The bond between black metal and folk influences gives us that typical carpathian aura and places us amogst few black metal bands who acquire this kind of musical expression.

The band was formed at the initiative of Echivoc (vocals) and Vârcolac (quitar) who shaped the first Signatura Rerum's songs. Soon, Exitus (bass) and Stihia (guitar) joined the band. Lyrics are based on fantasy and folklore. Our first song ”Muntele Înghețat” talks about a ”frozen god” from a fictive carpathian kingdom in decline. In this song, people's struggle and pain is well outlined on their road to find the "Frozen God".

The name Signatura Rerum was inspired from Jacob Boehme's book of witchery and mysticism. It means "The signature of all things". The band takes just the main theme of the book: a concept, in which every object from the real world has a hidden meaning and that all these signatures are interconnected.

The band currently works at their first upcoming album, which will be released on 1th of August 2013.

Here is a song from their forthcoming album.