So I have a bunch of pedals.

Morley Volume Plus Pedal.
Dimebag Wah
Rocktron Noise Suppressor
Digitech Delay
Digitech Whammy
TC Electronic Polytune
Electroharmonix Holy Grail Nano Reverb.

I'm new to pedals. I'm looking for a good pedalboard, power supply, and good cables to conect em all.
I am also eventually going to get new pedals like phaser, chorus, and tremolo.

I don't know if this info is needed but I play through a Randall V2 400W Tube Head, with a Randall Cab.

Sorry if I sound like a dumbass
It all depends on how much you're planning on spending.

For the pedalboard, look at Rondo music. You can get I 34in pedal board for something like $80. Its a little bigger then you might need right now, but you should always leave a little growing room on your board.

Your cheapest option for power is to get a one spot daisy chain for like $30.
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I've had a large pedalboard for a while and I can tell you what has (or hasn't) worked for me...

I use a Pedaltrain Pro board with the soft gigbag: the board itself is the right size for pedals like the Whammy, wahs, and volume/expression pedals, however, if you're going to use it long term, invest in the hard case instead of the soft gigbag. I've had the gigbag for about 2 years (of mild use, playing at my parents' church or jamming with friends on a weekly basis) now and it's starting to wear out and the zippers are starting to break. The hardcase is more expensive but worth it in the long run I imagine.

As for powersource, I have a VoodooLabs PowerPedal 2+ and a a Modtone Power Plant, which has an AC voltage slot for the Whammy pedal (I used to have one too). I use the PP2+ to power the pedals in front of my amp, and the Power Plant for pedals in my effects loop. I avoid using the same power source for both pedals in front of the amp and effects loop to avoid getting ground loop buzz. IMO, well worth the investment. Note, the Whammy runs on different power and sometimes the amp will pick up a buzz from it... I eventually got rid of the Whammy due to lack of use.

As far as patch cables, invest in some quality cables... I've been using cheap-y cables that I pick up whenever I buy a new pedal (sometimes they come free with the pedal) and I've had so many headaches due to bad pedals, time when I've just rip out effect mid-show and plug in directly to the amp. Right now I'm trying to downsize my board, but if I ever want to have a lot of pedals again, I'd definitely go all out in getting quality cables to link them all.

Also, a good power conditioner is handy, otherwise all the random buzzes and hisses from having multiple pedals through dirty power sources might make your sound suffer, although you do have a noise suppressor, so maybe this won't be as big of an issue for you. I never used a noise suppressor and my house has bad wiring.

Lastly, keep experimenting with the order of the pedals; it can make a big difference in your tone; depending how how many true bypass pedals you have and how long your lines are, you might need a buffer at the beginning (or end) or your set up. Good luck!
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If you got the tools build your own board. One spots aren't bad though.
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