Hi guys,

We've been moving in a lighter, more technical direction and beginning to record some more music, but I just thought I'd ask for some feedback/constructive criticism, whatever any of you may have to offer if you've got a few minutes to spare. The band is named Avian and we're a metalcore band from southwest Ohio.


That's the heaviest of the three songs we have thus far, but it's my favorite of the group so I figure why not. As mentioned, any and all feedback would be appreciated so we can attempt to better ourselves musically.

And if you've got some music to spread, don't hesitate sharing a link here with me so I can check it out.

Thanks a lot guys!

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wow i'm not a huge metalcore fan but that was quite good

I do think the drum production could have been better but the drumming itself was good
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I thought the intro was neat. A good attention grabber in my opinion. However, I really didn't care for the transition between 0:30 and 0:45. It felt like every instrument was just doing its own thing without regard for the others. After that, I enjoyed a lot of the riffs, they didn't feel like copy-paste metalcore and they really moved the song along. Long riffs like that really help. The chordal part around 1:45 was great. It added some necessary melody to the song without going overboard.

That being said, I did not like the first section with singing. I just felt like it came out of nowhere and sounded like the intro to a Rise Records-core band, it was a huge drop off compared to everything before it. A good transition good help but I still didn't enjoy. Around 2:55 the song picked up better and I liked that part a bit more, mainly for the guitar line behind the vocals which worked to complement the singing. When the song got back into the heavier part, I thought that sounded good, and the outro was really neat.

All in all it was pretty well put together I thought, and generally had an okay flow. If I were to say change anything about the song, I would seriously just cut out the first singing section at 2:05. Make the section before that just flow into the instrumental break right before 2:55. I think that would improve the overall flow of the song. But that's just my opinion!

Good job on the song, best of luck in the future!
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At 2:09 the vocalist sings, "We are the strength of the universe at heart".

I would change that lyric, since it is pretty blatantly a line from Periphery's song "Facepalm Mute". You might check the rest of the lyrics for plagiarism, since that's not exactly a cliche.

Also not a fan of the mix, the cymbals and drums are incredibly loud and drown out the bass and rhythm guitars. At points it's pumping pretty hard, so lay of the compression. Vocals are also quite loud.

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Thanks a lot for the criticism guys. It is much appreciated. And I do appreciate the mixing crit as well, although I'm mostly looking for music feedback. The mix is not something we can do much about now of course haha. But I appreciate it.

And to the Periphery comment, I had forgotten about that. We had a line somewhat similar to Facepalm originally and our singer for whatever reason thought it would be humorous to put the actual line there for our little demo. I probably should have mentioned that ahead haha.

Thanks again guys! And as mentioned before, if you guys have any music to share, please let me know. Always looking for something new to listen to.