Hey All,

So I have finally decided to sell my Axe Fx Standard. I really like this amp and it is a bummer. I only play at home, so this thing was babied. I am the original owner, so the original manual as well as the original box comes with the amp. Heck this thing is so mint, I still have screen protective plastic on there. The Axe Fx also comes with a ART SLA-2 poweramp. I bought the ART used from another guy. It has some scratches and dents. Also, one of the rack mounting tabs is bent a little bit. No worries I have priced it accordingly. As far as trades go, I am only really looking for one thing a Framus Dragon head. To be honest, right now I really cant afford to have such lavish things, but I thought I would throw it out there. I am asking 1000$ minus shipping costs for the ART and the Axe Fx. Shoot me a pm with any questions. I also prefer cash if in the Cleveland area, check (I ship once cleared), and paypal.

Thank you for reading,


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amp2image copy.jpg