I just joined, I'll be in maybe to get involved with this community, I have some questions about my guitars, so I'll be posting pictures with details and about fixes I need to make and stuff..

for example, I broke a bridge saddle, and will need some expert opinions on how to replace that, I have an Hamer like 15-30 years old, I have no clue how old it really is, bought it used..

I've been into music since taking piano lessons in the 5th grade, once I got my hands on my baby though... A whole new world opened to me... So I'd love to give advice from a self-taught wanna-be virtuoso, with only a dab of theory here and there, and not a whole lot but some stage time.

Mostly I'm the garage shredder. So, for whatever that's worth... I'm also looking for teachers and advice on my own playing, style, formula, technique, what-have-you. The approach is important. I want to venture out of my comfort zone, jam with more people, get involved with the local music community, do more shows, write more solid, stage-worthy material, etc., etc.

Hope to chat with you all soon,

God Bless and play on friends,