hey guys.

so i have only ever played by myself, or the occasional drunk rendition of wish you where here with my housemate. i would love to start to play with other instruments or in a band because it is always good fun when i have done it however i am not very good at "connecting" with the other guitar.

my housemate bought a electric guitar not to long ago and we said good we will get together and jam.

taking turns of rythm and lead stuff, now i am not the best at improvising and i know this i am trying to fix this at the moment. but i found i could lay down some simple verse chorus chord progression's and then change it at a bridge point when i was playing rythm, however when i was playing "lead" all he was playing was crazy notes and chords all around the neck which kind of rendered the second guitar useless as the rythm was very staggered.

now my question is, is it me that needs to improve my improve skills to keep up with chaotic notes and key changes or do i need to tell him to simple the **** down? or in that situation should i try and add in some more melodic stuff to calm it down?

i also suggested we should learn some 2 guitar songs and play our parts to get used to playing with another guitarist and timing and such, this should help yes?

im bascically after any tips or tricks to you guys may or may not have picked up along the way.
I believe there's always room for a rhythm guitar, no matter how complex the "lead" guitar riff. If anything you can just take over a bass-ish role and play root chords over key points in the riff. It really depends, if he's as all-over-the-place as you say he is I can understand you not really knowing what to play over it.

If he plays a lot of chordy stuff along with high notes, try playing a different melody altogether. There's some cool stuff you can come up with while trying to match stuff up.
It's also much easier when both people know their instruments well and have had some experience composing things. It sounds like your mate just started playing so maybe that's a factor.