Well yeah, the title is my question, here's the link to the video of the chick (dude?)

Ah, nvm, apparently YouTube videos are forbidden...I'm basically just looking for the chords to an Usher song, the title of the song is Throwback...can anyone tell me what those chords are
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This is a helpful forum but not all threads get replies because figuring out stuff takes time. More less the ones that registered today and not with that sort of attitude. I don't want to reply to this thread based on that.

What do you really mean? It's not guitar music and has like 2 chords over and over for 4 minutes, which seems to be Dsus2 and C#7m. Do they play a lot of guitar in the music video or something?

Intro chord which is about the only guitar stuff I can hear seems to be strummed as x50230 with delay effect. Is there more? Yea there's something that could be a guitar with dist+effects that plays the bass riff on a higher octave

You can just go x5775x and x4645x the whole song (or xx0230/x42100), then experiment a bit when you get bored. It's also not on standard pitch, you'd need to go about 1/4 step up
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