What's songs would you guys say are good to play when the sun is out, people are drinking beer and chilling out by the sea with a reggae vibe?

I'm thinking towards the Santeria by Sublime and Stand Tall by The Dirty Heads. That sort of direction.

Just asking cuz when I played Santeria in front of some people a few weeks ago outside people seriously dug it. Any other suggestions?
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Santeria by Sublime is my favorite reggae song.
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Funnily enough I was listening to my summer reggae playlist earlier.

Badman by Natty, and When the Night Feels My Song by Bedouin Soundclash both struck me as great tunes.
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Alright, So if you like sublime then you've gotta hear what bud and eric have been up to since brads death and pre rome!

I really like them all, pretty much if you can get all the albums from those groups and you'll be set.

and also, while not necessarily reggae(they're pretty surfy)you should check out the ziggens. They're the band that started skunk records with sublime, and they're brilliant.

And then for some more rock/reggae that I like

there's the B foundation, They're really cool

and a similar band, stone senses. not quite as rock as the one there^ but they're really cool as well

Tell me what you think of those and we'll get some more going! or tell me to **** off they were all shit
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you answered your own question. sublime. or peter tosh. or major lazer.
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Everything I own - Ken Boothe

Help Me Make it Through the Night - John Holt
RPD - Finger Pickin' Good
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bob marley was an great reggae musician

Been looking to get into reggae for ages, this should be a good thread. Any good starting points?
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Been looking to get into reggae for ages, this should be a good thread. Any good starting points?

bob marley
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Kill All The White Man by NOFX.
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