You come from a long and noble line of homo sapiens
who nobly saw tasks far stupider, far more ill-conceived than yours, through to completion
Of ancestors who waged war, who smothered their barest moral instincts,
that they might sever comrades' hearts before a celestial ball of gas --
Of ancestors who (sans anesthesia) disfigured their bodies
in appeal to the beauty fads of a Southeastern home-tribe, or adherence to fleeting Western style.

Humanity is not an efficient machine,
it is not an anxiety-management machine, it is not a personal-pleasure machine, it is not a civilized-social-existence machine.
Humanity is not a linear scientific truth machine
jettisoning towards infinity.
We are only one great humanity machine
built to live out the human aesthetic:
a backwards, blushing, grievous, laughing, ugly, tender beauty.

Sometimes (when the fancy strikes)
erect delicate structures
and knock them down without just cause.
Sometimes (but only because you want to)
flip bacon with your bare hands
even though you could just take two seconds to pick up a damn fork or something.
Congrats on winning Writing of the Week. This was a really interesting and clever read. Sorry that I can't offer any constructive criticism. It's too good for that.
D'aww totally didn't see this coming! I kinda figured this just wasn't interesting enough to warrant comments. Thanks so much!
It's hard at the moment because the regulars who used to critique a lot have either moved on or have less time to offer full-blown critiques. It doesn't mean your post wasn't recognized or passed over. Mostly it means no one felt they had anything constructive to say. I'll be the first one to admit my critiquing has gone down a lot over the last two years, and even though I'm reading less as well, I don't want to give up. There is still a shit-ton of talent here.