Hey guys I am trying to record something with my Peavey Vypyr Tube 120W, however because of the muting of the speakers when a USB cable is plugged in I am entangled in cables. And so I am looking for different recording options.

The first option, I have a Digitech RP355, is there any way to use this as an interface? How about quality and latency?

The second option is buying an interface like the Line 6 Pod Studio UX1 (or similar). I would also get pod farm 2.5 which, from what I have heard, is pretty good software for amp moddeling.

What do you guys think I should go for?
I use the BP355 (Same pedal but a few different models for bass and a different colour) to record my bass all the time. As long as you don't intend on recording a microphone it's fine, just plug it in via usb and use either it's ASIO drivers or ASIO4ALL (digitech's ASIO driver didn't work for me so I use ASIO4ALL). If you want to know how it sounds the bass in both these covers is recorded with my BP355.
The Line 6 kit isn't usually recommended as an interface round here - you want to go and read the interfaces sticky for recommendations about all your options to get started with recording.
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I just read the sticky and it does recommends it when you are on a budget, which I kinda am. I couldn't find anything close 130 euros for the UX1 (with pod farm 2.5!). It also says the recording and sim quality is not the best, but how does this compare to my digitech rp355, does it have better quality? Also want to mention I have that peavey right now, which ofc doesn't have the best sim quality either. What would you say thrumps eachother?
like: peavey>pod farm 2.5>digitech rp355?

What other interface would you suggest? I also need some good sim software then, or a mic if my peavey thrumps the other sims. Trying to find the best quality for around 130 budget.
RP355 on a clean setting (as in, create a new patch with all effects off and the amp sim/cab on Direct) into a DAW with one of the LePou amp heads and either the Catharsis impulses or the 'Sperimental Pack FRMS 4x12" impulse.

The direct quality on the RP is as good as a UX1 easily, and LePou's sims are comparable to Pod Farm (some say better, others say worse, so I'll leave that to you). If you don't like the LePou ones there's also Amplitube Free, Guitar Rig Player, the Headcase Demo, etc. See the amp sims sticky for more on that. Total cost of that setup = $0 if you have the USB cable, <$5 if you don't.
thnx for the suggestion! I tried this and it worked, I got it to work with Amplitube. However I found it hard to compare my vyper sound with the sound of Amplitube. I ran Amplitude back to my line in of the vypyr to use the same speakers, I have only tried little yet, but my vypyr still sounds better imo. Also the response is still a littlbe bit faster I think. Now I don't know if my vypyr sounding better has to do with using a cab sim in Amplitube and then running it through my vypyr's cab?

-How could I test this best?

-Also I am considering buying a decent interface with mic, I believe this gives me more options, I could also record vocals or acoustics. Because so far my amp sounds better.

-Someone has some nice presets for Amplitube 3?
Go to the cab sim part of amplitube and hit bypass. The response probably is slightly better but if it's not bad enough to make it difficult to play then it's a non-issue for recording.
Also remember the line in of the Vypyr is poor at best, it's designed to take an MP3 player so you can play along not to run your guitar through. And the presets there will be somewhat pre-EQ'd so don't forget that you will be able to EQ the amplitube signal in post. It's much easier to manipulate a non-EQ'd signal than a pre-EQ'd one because otherwise you're fighting the old EQ.
The best way of comparing them would be to record a track with amplitube, then record one with the USB output of the Vypyr, and then listen to them both.
I did only just realise you're using the Tube Vypyr though, so it may sound better than amplitube. I've only ever dealt with the entirely SS ones. One advantage to recording with the method I described though, is you can also play back the recorded DI through your RP and back into the Vypyr and it won't know the difference from a guitar signal, so you could then record that.
I am sorry the last part isn't very clear to me, what is Dl? And back into the vypyr how? guitar cable or jack?

btw what setting on the RP355 is better?
-amp on, but direct
-or just amp off

Does adding a noise gate (using the RP355) in front of my vypyr change the sound or clarity? Becuase it's a little bit noisy.

The sticky suggests a 2x4 interface, but what does this mean? Why is 2x2 not good enough?
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