Hey everyone

sorry if this has been answered already; ive done alot of googling but i havent found too many specifics.

Basically, im concerned if my technique is hindering my speed or not in terms of palm muting power chords. Ive heard everywhere that the arm should be relaxed. I feel that i am using my wrist, but my bicep/forearm area are SLIGHTLY flexed. I feel like my arm is, for the most part, relaxed...So my question is, should be bicep be PERFECTLY relaxed when playing these power chords?

I dont want to keep practicing the wrong technique if it will slow me down in the long run. I see everywhere that the key to getting better is to relax the muscles, but im not sure to what extent i should relax my arm and if i may be doing it okay already.
'relaxed' means more 'not tense'. It does NOT mean that your arm should be completely dead. A little firmness has to be there. It should feel 'right'. If it feels 'right' then it is. 'Right' means that you are getting a very good result with little effort. Also, everybody's body and mind are different, so what works for someone might not work for someone else. Experiment a little and stick with what works best.
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If your bicep is flexed at all, I guarantee that you aren't as relaxed as you could be. When it comes to playing guitar, the involvement of your bicep is basically nonexistent. Your forearm is a bit different as it has to do slightly more work, but even so, you don't need to flex it as much as you are. It should barely be noticeable, if it's noticeable at all. Slow down and concentrate on playing as relaxed as possible.
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