During Monday evening's edition of Comedy Central's Colbert Report, host Stephen Colbert paid tribute to his favorite Fox News anchor, Shepard Smith, likening him to "a combination of a Edward R. Murrow, Walter Cronkite, and Gary Busey."

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"Nation, as you know, I am a long-time fan of Fox News," the host began. "It's my one-stop shop for news, opinions, and ads for walk-in bathtubs. [...] Some criticize Fox News as a stable of old white angry men. That's ridiculous. Michelle Malkin is a young, Asian angry woman."

"But even amongst Fox's exotic Noah's Ark of white people, one beautiful unicorn stands out," Colbert continued. "Anchor and Mantis-American Shepard Smith. He's no cookie-cutter newsman. He's got his own style. For example, watch how Bret Baier reported on a February campaign stop by Mitt Romney." The comedian then played a clip of Baier reporting with characteristic conciseness.

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In contrast, Colbert showed an edited clip of Smith "cut through those same facts to find the real angle." The clip shows Smith talking with Fox's Carl Cameron, who was in Ohio with Romney talking to a crowd behind him. Smith interrupted Cameron's report to say, "I'm sorry, Carl, I'm looking at [Romney] over your right shoulder there. Do you think he's aware he's wearing mom jeans? He's wearing mom jeans, Carl. It's 2012."

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"Shep was the only one on Dungaree-Gate," Colbert said. "It was the biggest scoop since David Brinkley told the story of J. Edgar Hoover wearing mom everything."