Hello people of UG.
I am a beginning bassist and I think I'm ready to make my first purchase for a guitar.
I'm torn between 2 options:
1. Preowned 1995 Fender Mexican Precision Bass.
Price: 500 AUD
2. New 2012/2013 Ernie Ball Sub 4 Bass.
Price: 400 AUD

Could someone respond telling me which one you think is a better option?

Many thanks
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I've personally never played an EB bass (always wanted to though, they seem like they'd have a nice warm tone) however the Fender seems like a trustworthy purchase. Not sure what styles your aiming for though, or what your budget is (I'm not too familiar wtih AUD's), but look around some more if you really want to get a bang for your buck: ibanez, esp and schecter make nice basses for being guitar-based companies. If you ever get heavily into your bass and your funds increase dramatically as well, look into a spector: now those basses are beautiful.

Have you ever played either of them? My biggest mistake as a beginner player years ago was having purchased my guitar without having tried it. Of course, I knew nothing on guitar so I wasn't going to go ahead and rate this thing by how I could handle it. However if you have a friend who plays these instruments you should maybe ask them to try them out to get an opinion on their action and handling if you have a local music store or something.

Good luck man, cheers