Ive been thinking about getting a kit to have in my home to record with. One important thing though is utilising midi
Obviously I can't have the skin feel with midi.

Is there a kind of pad or rug/mat I guess it could be called, that kind of sits over the drum skin, so when hit produces a midi trigger? Like, it just sits over/fits in a tom ( in a case of a tom) and so can kinda produce regular noise as well as being able to be removed when bot in use?

I remember reading once that slayer or something did it ontheir live sets or something, but I'm not too sure.
You can fit drum triggers and a "brain" which will then feed midi into your PC. Most metal drummers use these to cheat since it can be set for more uniform volume level so you don't need a real punc hlike in the 80s. One of the reasons why metal drummers got a lot better in the last 20 years is that and time alignment/quantizing.
This site explains triggers well:

If you're looking to do it on the cheap an ancient Alesis DM4 or DM5 drum trigger module still does it well and if you're transferring to PC via midi and not using the sounds it will probably be the best bet on a budget.

On another topic - some of the edrums actually have close feel to real drums, look into Alesis DM8 and DM10 as they come with real drum heads, also the more expensive Roland and Yamaha come with mesh heads which feel very realistic. Downside is that you might have to change them and they are not cheap.
You also don't even need the drum module; as long as you have an interface with enough inputs for your triggers, you can plug them directly into your interface and convert the clicks they make into MIDI hits.
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