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Yesterday I was practicing, and thought about how I'm absolute crap when I first pick up the guitar, and how after many hours I play the way I more or less want to. Surely it didn't take all day for the coffee to kick in. I thought maybe, excluding the fact that I just need to warm up, that maybe my biological clock has something to do with it.

Which brings up my question: Should I practice around my Biological Clock? Assuming I wake up at the correct time, it looks like I should start between noon and 2:30.

Maybe we might be able to learn quicker if we don't just start playing as early as possible? What do you guys think?
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Practice when you feel like it. For me, as I begin to get tired, I find my ability to read sheet music begins to taper off. I practice any time I'm capable of getting to an instrument and feel that the session will produce good results.
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As much as i want to answer this I think i'd have to try this out for a week,
I feel as long as I pick up the guitar with a goal I have the most gain.
As humans, structure seems to be how we work at optimum and restructure/change in scenery at least for me keeps my mind refreshed
done listen to the people calling it BS, if anything say thank you for not trying so I can
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done listen to the people calling it BS, if anything say thank you for not trying so I can

Those people calling it BS obviously have never pulled an all-nighter. The reason you feel like shit afterward is because of your circadian rhythm. Your circadian rhythm is also why most people have heart attacks in the morning upon waking up. It is science.