Hello ! I recorded a medley of my songs (few songs), in fingerstyle and percussive i performed no stop , changing capo in the same time i play .
Also we tried another recording method . What do you think about the video and the sound ? Really , very hard in 1time !
Thank you if you have feedbacks

This video is for my new endorsement with G7th Capos , hope you'll like !
Musically !


Tribal soul Capo full 4 Percussive
elementaire Capo full 4 Fngerstyle
emotions no capo Percussive & Tapping
2 years no capo Fingerstyle
Ailleurs capo partial 1 a 4 Fingerstyle and percussive and tapping
Home capo partial 5 strings 1 a 4 and capo 3 Fingerstyle
for my mother capo 3 Fingerstyle
noel business capo 3 Fingerstyle & Tapping
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