Ok first of all I'm terrible noob with guitar gear so sorry about stupid question.
Can you use line 6 pod 2 instead of amplifier head with guitar cabinet to provide high volume? Or do you still need amplifier head as well?
No, you can't do that. POD is a preamp, you also need power amp for playing through cab.
You would still need a power-amp, it can be done though. I have done it once or twice, but it was with a pretty poor power-amp running into a pretty thin sounding 1x12 cabinet. Results weren't horrendous, but they weren't worth shouting about. I imagine with a good power-amp and a decent cabinet, you could get some pretty great sounds though.

If anything, you will want to adjust your tones or make new ones to suit. If you're playing through a cabinet there's not much point in using the Pod Farm's cabinet emulation, unless you have a full range flat-response speaker cab. If it's for band stuff or something similar, you could probably go straight into a PA fairly easily though.
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It's for band stuff, for playing metal. And only, ONLY criteria is the volume. Even if the sound would be ugly as donkey's arse, it wouldn't bother. Our music is only about distortion and volume.

We got a PA system, our singer is using it. So it's possible to connect pad on that?
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. Our music is only about distortion and volume.


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