This is my bands latest release. This songs closest relatives would be something you'd hear from: Yellowcard, Fallout Boy, and 30 Seconds To Mars. We're currently undergoing the process of filming a music video for it but check out the mp3 for it here!


Any form of feedback is appreciated! Oh, and try to keep away from listening on laptop speakers:P I'm sure you all know that most don't give any song justice! Headphone, speaker system, car system are preferred!

EDIT: We're on itunes, spotify, youtube, and facebook if you like our music, stay up to date with us!
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Holy moly!
That's some mighty fine production and sound quality!!
Are you on a major label? Because it sounds like you guys should be, if you're not, seriously...
That's some pretty f***n awesome stuff. Very catchy. I listened to it three times, if you don't mind, ha ha.
What a great voice!! The mix is awesome, you want me to critique that? LOL!
Really great stuff man!!!
Would you go to my thread and leave a comment there: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1602769
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I don't really like this style, but the sound quality is amazing, it sounds like a song I would hear on the radio, it's pretty good work.
Thank you both! Checking out your thread matt!

We aren't on a label or anything, it's all DIY right now. But we do go to a producer for recording.

EDIT: And thanks personally, as I am the vocalist. Glad you enjoyed it man! This is from our second EP which should be on itunes any day here. You can check out our first EP already on itunes by serching "This Counts For Everything"
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Wow man, this is REALLY REALLY AMAZING! The vocals are the best part man. Every instrument is great though. Loved it dude!
Thanks for the crit, man! My guitar is a Cort guitar in the cheaper end. Don't know about my companion though, I'll ask him. I can't seem to get Soundcloud working right now, so I'll leave another message when I get to hear your song. Looking forward to it!