Hi all, this is my first post but hopefully it will be interesting to some.

I have an old, I believe encore guitar that I plan to rewire and allow for an iPhone to be embedded into the guitar body using an iRig style interface.

Above was the guitar when myself and a friend first bought the guitar from a guitar show near Liverpool.

Knowing the guitar wasn't very valuable we painted it matte black and planned to thrash it about.

Anywho the plan now is to make something similar to the (Manson MB1) Manson MB1 but a lot cheaper and more as a learning process than a serious project.

Any thoughts are welcome and I am also interested to see if anyone has done anything similar so far a quick search revealed nothing on this forum at the moment but I may have missed many threads.

I will be elaborating further into some of the tech details on my blog here as well.
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Cool project! Looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

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Man that's awesome! I'd be interested to see how you run that =]
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Cool project! Looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

I edited your post so the links show up.

Cheers Colin much appreciated.

Another update, planning stage has been done and I must stress that all of this project will be done in a fairly "punk" way, not planning to make the guitar a polished final outcome, just functional.

I planned a rough layout for the new inputs and controls.

Decided I would stick with the iphone 4 /4s model for embedding as its the model I currently have and will be able to pick cheap(ish) ones up if I decided to upgrade or break my iPhone

Finally I created circuit diagrams for how I am going to wire the internals of the guitar

Both an overview circuit diagram and a breakdown of my mini iRig circuit.

As always a long winded and in depth version is available Here on my blog.

Also thought I would mention, I myself am a bassist so if I ever demo this expect a boring demo