Hope to find some answers here.

I tried to dye my guitar body orange but it wouldn't take in some areas so I gave up and proceeded with my original solid colour finish. I sanded all the dye out but when I applied sanding sealer it lifted the dye back out in certain areas creating a really cool effect. I sanded the sealer with 240, added another coat and finished with a 600 for a real smooth finish. My question is as I've decided I really want to keep it as it is, can I just leave it or will the sanding sealer not be enough? Will it react or rub off with general use/sweat? I'm using a nitro sealer so it's set hard.

Hope you can help
Can you post pics? I'm curious on how it looks now.
why not just put on a light clear coat if you like that "matte" finish kind of like it is, that way it'll have some protection/proper finish. Nothing says you have to build up a clear coat to be mirrored and glossy.