Just started listening to these guys and want to know if anybody else likes them, also if you could post some good songs of theirs. I like them but only have 1 album so I'm starting the official ALKALINE TRIO thread!
sorry, bud. there's already a thread in either punk or pop-punk somewhere.
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sorry, bud. there's already a thread in either punk or pop-punk somewhere.

saw it but it was closed
I only starting listening to them this week, got their first album. I don't know anything about them except I know their first album is great. I haven't heard any new stuff yet though.
goddammit is awesome. their self titled is my favorite. maybe I'll catch fire is really good too. their split with hot water music is awesome, but the hwm side is better. all of their albums are pretty good, but you should listen to their self-titled and maybe i'll catch fire first.
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their website doesn't have a list of albums, or a shop. I'll have to look for their albums somewhere else.
neither did i. i found out when i wrote a review of it for some website. it has some of their best songs on it.

edit: ^ try amazon
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They're a fantastic band. 'Crimson', 'Agony & Irony' and 'From Here To Infirmary' are their best albums in my opinion. Although, I have to admit I was disappointed in their latest effort, 'My Shame Is True'.

Some of my favourite songs of theirs are: Mercy Me, Settle For Satin, In My Stomach, I Was A Prayer, Do You Wanna Know, Crawl and Takes Lot With Alcohol. To be fair there's few filler songs on the three albums I mentioned, they're just brilliant.
Such a good band. My favourites are Agony and Irony, Crimson and Maybe I'll Catch Fire
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I love the first three albums and Crimson is pretty good. A lot of fans dig Good Mourning which for me is great for the first 6 songs, then a bit meh and then ends well with Blue In The Face.

From Here To Infirmary is my favourite of theirs as it was one of the first albums i ever owned. It has a very consistent vibe throughout, nice warm but dark tone and good songs.
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do you know if they're still making music?

I didn't see this mentioned, but they released a new album a couple of months ago, My Shame Is True. Only listened to a couple of songs but they were decent.
just got the newest album today. I've been listening to it, I like it so far. I've only listened to the first 4 songs but it sounds good!