I just got a used squier p Bass off craigslist and it's missing one of the screws used for adjusting the intonation at the bridge. I've been having trouble finding the screw I want online and have only found it as part of an entire replacement bridge from fender. My question is do you think I should keep looking and trying to find the right screw or just replace the bridge with a new one? If I went with a new bridge I'd probably get something different from the standard fender bridge in which case what would you recommend?
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Depends on how much Fender wants for the replacement part and how bad you want to keep it original. If it were me, I'd order the part from Fender. A local guitar shop may have one, too.
It's probably a metric screw. You might luck out finding one in the drawers of Home Depot's fastener aisle. Hell, you might get real lucky and find one in stainless steel.

No guarantees, but it's worth a shot. Ask the associate to help you.

Another place worth a shot is a good hobby shop. They have all kinds of screws, metric and US, in a plethora of sizes, which are used in abundance in RC cars, planes, and helicopters.

A lot of times, decent music stores will have small parts like this also.

As for buying the entire bridge from Fender, would they even have the Squier part, or just American Standard parts? I don't think they're a straight up interchange. With that said, that was just a pure guess. It might be that you would have to rout a little here or there, possibly move the screw holes, unless they do sell an actual drop in replacement.

You can also hit Carvin.com if you decide to replace the bridge. They a have good quality, aftermarket Fender style parts, that could be adapted also.

I think you may be shocked at the Fender parts prices in relation to what you likely paid for the used bass. (Another guess).
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Yeah dude. Take one of the screws to a hardware store and buy its twin.
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