Hi, I'm looking for a new amp now that robbngnarly talked me into upgrading amp before guitar/pickups.

I want to get a nice 80s hardcore ( [forbidden link] )to modern punk ( [forbidden link] ) sound out of it. I figure a cheapo JCM 800 clone would be best.

Right now I'm looking at traynor tube combos, specifically the YCV50. Anyone have any experiences/opinions/whatever/recommend me another noisemaker box?
Have you had a look at Ceriatome?
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If you can find an older Peavey VTM they are great amps and really cheap.
Laney AOR are nice cheap JCM800 type amps
The Traynor is a good choice also
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What's your budget?

JCM800 combos aren't terribly expensive.

EDIT: Hm, maybe the combos are more expensive than I remember.
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What's your budget?
The absolute best bang-for-the-buck Marshall-esque amp is a Peavey VTM. They're ugly as sin and incredibly heavy but the tone is hard to beat anywhere near their price point. I rolled through quite a few nice amps (Splawn, Jet City, Mesa, etc) and found that the VTM fits 'that sound' in my head the best. For a small fraction of the cost as well.

There are better options though, depending on your budget and what you're aiming to achieve with your sound. A JCM900 would be cheaper and might fit your style better, depending on the types of aggressive music you're after.

EDIT: You're after a combo, damn.. I haven't seen a combo VTM before.
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Found earlier today for someone else. Obviously this is the asking price.


Also, try the look up link in my sig

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Also, try the look up link in my sig

niiice that's going to help a ton for finding an RGA121