Hi guys, hope this is in the right part,

recently i bought the Fast track solo, which includes pro tools express,

Got the solo going, then went to download pro tools, and the avid instrument plug in, all downloaded fine, but i cant install them, have no idea why, have looked around, downloaded what i had been told, but still nothing,

Any ideas on how i can get it to work,

Don't use it. Pro Tools Express is very limited, especially if you plan to record larger sessions. Also, as you've already found out, its very buggy.

Switch to Reaper, you'll thank me later
Derpy Derp Derp Herp Derp
will look into that later, realised i cant install it anyway cause my version of vista is incompatible. which sucks haha
The only reason to install PT Express is if you need to learn a bit of basic Pro Tools for your future career or whatever. For actual recording there are way better options out there (like the aforementioned Reaper).

If you can find a cheap upgrade to Windows 7 I highly recommend it, you'll get better performance and a nicer interface.