Hi everyone,

After playing acoustic guitar for like 7 years, I decided to finally buy an electric one.
However, I'm kinda noob at electric guitars. I want to buy a cheap one (but good-sounding too) so I'm thinking of second hand right now.

I prefer a good clean sound, but also a nice full sound when used for metal.

I found two secondhand guitars that seem good deals to me:

- Ibanez grg270b for around 230 bucks, found some vids of the sound on youtube and seems quite nice.

- Some Washburn for around 260 bucks that's Hand made in Chicago. That's all I know except I have two pictures of it. I think it's a mg104 or mg154 judging by a website called vintagewashburn.
This is one of the pictures I have:

If it is the one I think it is, it is probably more high end.

But is it what I'm looking for? No idea

So much thanks if you could help me on which this guitar is and how it sounds and which one to choose of the two!

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If you want good sound then you should buy a good amp.
I have Ibanez GRG270B, it's very good guitar for the price, it's very comfortable and easy to play, I like it's neck very much. But I don't like the Edge III bridge. I wanted a guitar with floyd rose, so I bought this guitar. But I don't use tremolo anymore, I blocked the bridge so it can't move. I did it because it would detune the guitar when I would use it. I also changed screws on the bridge which you use to lock the strings when you put them on. They were really cheap and they were unusable after I changed the strings a few times. I would never again buy a cheap guitar with floyd rose and it would probably be the best for you to do the same.
I can get very good sounds from this guitar, but it's because I play it through a good amp and pedals. So my advice to you is to find a good amp if you want good sound.
I can't say nothing about that Washburn, I've never played it and I don't know a thing about it.
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Alright, so if I buy the ibanez I can't use the tremolo, thanks for warning me . The Washburn seems to have a Schaller floyd, which I think is considered to be of acceptable quality right?

What exactly do you like about the neck of the ibanez?

And from what I've read, wood type and pickups matter too in sound quality and genre compatability, or can it be fully compensated by amps? If so, what amp would you recommend? Would Roland Cube 30 be sufficient?
Yeah, Schaller is fine.
Neck of the Ibanez is really good, it's thin and very smooth to play.
Bad guitar through good amp can sound good. Bad amp will always sound bad, no matter which guitar you plug in it. What type of music do you play? Will you use the amp just for playing at home or you have something else in mind?
Just at home would be enough for now I think . Something that could play multiple genres would be cool, but some of the genres I'd like to play include melodic/symphonic metal, rock like Dire Straits, and a kind of acoustic sound
The less the better. I can get a second hand roland cube 30 for around 90 bucks. I'd spend some more for something significantly better but my budget is very low...
If your budget is low, and you're gonna use your amp just at home, I think that you will be fine with Roland Cube. But you should still try it before buying to see if you like it.