Hey everyone, I came across a Gibson L-7C guitar. Now I don't know much about Gibsons old acoustics. Now from what I've already found out It's between 1948 and 1972. The original owner said it was a 1964 but I don't have a way to verify it. I know Gibson is quite secretive about valuing their guitars and with numbers produced and what not.

If anyone has any resources or knowledge they could share it would be much appreciated. I'll try to post some picture later but until then the text description is as follows.

pair of parallelogram mother of pearl inlays on fretboard.

the tail piece is has pointed sides and 3 raised diamonds on it.

raised pickguard with 2 contact points on it.

headstock has MOP script Gibson and Crown

the sticker says

Style L7C
Gibson Guitar
Number 307369 is hereby GUARANTEED against faulty workmanship and materials.
Made in Kalamazoo Michigan

there is a red pen initials L.F.D.

Thanks for any info and I will continue to google...
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