Hi everyone,

My Names Jug.
Newbie here on the Guitar and forum.
I was wondering what computer programs everyone recommends for loaded songs into and manipulating(slowing down)etc.
I was looking at Riff station.seems good but not sure.need some help from experienced users.
Thanks in Advance.

You just want to be able to play MP3s at a slower tempo?

Windows Media Player does that
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Thank You,

No I would like to section off parts and loop,slow down and whatever else is of value to a learning guitarists I've been using audacity but was wondering whats out there and pros/cons.
Im Sorry Guys, I didnt realize that I wasnt supposed to have a guitar related Question here.Where should i put it?Whoops that was another Guitar related Question.I think im off to a bad start on here.
I'm Jug and I'm playing that thing that has strings on it.
you sound like my boss !!! "pull the strings and watch him jump for his paycheck !!" yeah, there are different parts of the forum for your questions....i'm not supposed to tell you about sites like Audacity here...try posting in another part and i'll have the Audacity( hint hint...like how i throw that in there?) to reply .
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)