Is there a way to correct song titles that are misspelled, it is annoying! Can I correct them or where do I submit corrections?
PM emad or Fox-x-x (they're tab admins)
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Derek8520, I don't understand your post, how do I do it myself, I would love to know. I am not trying to correct my own tabs, I want to correct the tab posted by someone else. I think people need to pay more attention to details on this website, including spelling the name of the song correctly, and posting a correct tab that is as accurate as possible. I have noticed a lot of tabs on this site that are inaccurate compared to the tabs on other sites. It makes no sense to post an inaccurate tab and a misspelled song title. In fact they should not be accepted and/or taken down when a better tab is posted, forget keeping versions of tabs that are wrong!