Good golly, it's been a while, but this really is something to write home about. I saw an advertisement for a guitar show in Ottawa a yesterday and decided to check it out. Long story short, I ended up grabbing two pedals for the insane price of $110. One is an MXR envelope filter and the other is based off a Lovepedal Les Lius, but has a tone knob for the first mode.

The envelope filter is awesome. The attack is great to change it from a rally snappy, quacky, poppy filter to a smooth, gentle ramp up. It nails the filter from the Who's "Going Mobile" to a T.

It's funny that I left with a tweed-styled overdrive, because I've been itching for some kind of big muff/swollen pickle kind of fuzz lately. But I was smitten as soon as he plugged it in. I remember wanting a Les Lius when Lovepedal first came out with them, but like most of their pedals, way out of a high school kid's pricerange. It's got a fair amount of gain on tap. Not enough to be your main box in a hard rock/punk/metal kind of setting, but it's a fantabulous booster for any slightly gritty amp.

Besides the price, the builder was really awesome guy. No two pedals were named the same and they all had impeccable build quality. He mostly builds them for fun in his spare time and is really excited when someone takes an interest. On top of that, he's got the best warranty I've ever seen.

Anywhoos, if you want to hear the noise makers, click here. Amp is an Alamo Dart, set pretty clean.

Here's the signal chain. Compressor in between the envelope and the OD to smooth out the frequency spikes from the enveloppe and give the OD some extra gain.

Thanks for checking this stuff out and if you're in the Ottawa area, definitely give Mark Hammer a shout.
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I'm in Ottawa area and never head of him, thanks for sharing your story and HNP
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Oh snap! Mark Hammer is the man. He's a legend in the DIY scene.
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I remember wanting a Les Lius when Lovepedal first came out with them, but like most of their pedals, way out of a high school kid's pricerange.

that's kinda ironic for pedals whose design is (allegedly!) way inside of a high school electronics student's ability especially if they're really good at copying well-known existing circuits (allegedly!)
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