Hi all

My SS22 wasn't sounding quite as right on the burn channel...I thought perhaps my ears were the issue, and then today I figured out why. When the volume of that channel is on 0 and I turn up the gain 1 knob up, this crappy fuzzy distortion sound comes through...it's low volume. The 2nd gain knob doesn't have this issue, but needs the 1st gain knob to be up a little for it to work.

I am guessing it's something with the circuitry, which I am told is quite complex.

Anyway, appreciate any thoughts. Will likely have to take it for a warranty repair.

I think that is actually normal.

What happens if the volume and gain are both on say '3'?

But yeah - you could simply have a tube issue.

I'd 'tube roll' the preamp tubes or swap in some spares (which you should always have) and see if that makes a difference.

Peace out.