I want to know what I need and how it is done.

I'm pretty sure every song has vocal effects, it seems like a no brainer. But I want to know how to get my voice to sound very similar to this song, I'm not copying but it's the best example. To me, the vocals seem like they go right to the heart when I listen to it with headphones in.

("Plowed" - Sponge)

The part in the song where he screams: "Say a prayer for me"

That's my ideal picture of how I want my music to be in a way. I just need some guidance with how I can apply stuff like this to my vocals.
just sounds like the main lead vocal has a light delay throughout the entire song. the bit where 'say a prayer for me' is repeated, it sounds like a lo-fi effect which could be a lightly amount of crunch applied with the high and low end of the EQ taken out