I recently bought a Fender Deluxe Player's Stratocaster, one reason being that it has the ability to use the bridge & neck pickups together, as well as use all 3 pickups at the same time. It does this with a push-button that toggles the bridge pickup on/off while the 5-way selector switch is in positions 4 & 5.

I've noticed that the bridge pickup toggle button often gets stuck in the 'down' (enabled) position. It's fairly easy to get it un-stuck with a bit of wiggling, but I find it somewhat bothersome. Does anyone else have a Deluxe Player's Strat with the same issue? Would the best option be to replace the switch with a better-quality switch, or is there an easier way to fix it?
A new spring and some graphite grease works with most buttons.
Usually switches and pots might be a little sticky when you first get them. After playing for a while that should smooth up and go away. One thing I do with stiff controls is spray a little bit of electrical contact cleaner in them and wiggle them back and forth about 100 times. That seems to loosen everything up - it also gets rid of and dirt or dust in there that is making them crackley.
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