I'm new to Ibanez's which is the nicer guitar and what are the differences? How do these stack up against a Jackson Soloist? Price wise they look in between the USA Soloist and the Pro Series. My local GC never has Ibanez or Jackson guitars so I can't play them. I'm having a little bit of a mental problem with the Ibanez, they seem to have a reputation of building cheap guitars, are there expensive ones that much better?
I have a Jackson and a prestige, the Jackson is Japanese though, not a soloist. Both are great, I prefer the trem on the Ibby, but the soloist has and OFR, so I'd rate both a 9+
Prestiges are higher quality, but I believe premiums are pretty good as well. I think that Ibanez has thinner necks than jackson.

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yeah, the expensive ibanezes (like the j-customs) are awesome. they compare favourably to pretty much any company's high-end models (IMO). I mean, jackson makes cheapo guitars that i wouldn't touch with a bargepole too (as do most bigger guitar companies). that doesn't mean their dearer guitars aren't great (they are).

i haven't got round to trying any premiums yet, but the premiums aren't japanese-made, like the better ibanezes (prestige and j-custom), and normally don't come with ibanez's better tremolos.

I'd pass. get a prestige.

jackson's older pro series was made in japan (now they're not, and may well be not as good- i haven't got as far as trying them, either).

personally, in my opinion:

jackson (bolt-on) pro series (MIJ) < Ibanez Prestige ~ Jackson Pro Series (MIJ) Neck-thru < Ibanez J-custom ~ USA Jacksons

I wouldn't go any lower than the pro series jacksons (although I've put them bottom of the heap there, they're still "good" IMO, though the tremolo models' tremolos aren't too great). I haven't tried the newer non-MIJ pro series jacksons. if you have the option of japanese or USA, though, I'd go with that.
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