Hey, I started writing a song inspired by Death...

And I think it's pretty crappy. But songs I thought were good were crap to others so maybe, I dunno, this might be okay. Thoughts?

I have lyrics I threw together with this as well.

Death's reputation.
We hope we won't foresee.
Death's affliction.
Haunting memories.
Of the futures fate.
Endlessly we scour.
For our destiny.
That our life won't just be devoured.

Born tragically.
May we end just so.
We die admirably.
Held in mind, it's false hope.
Locked in time.
Lost in space as foretold.

Written for the first two riffs^
WIP HDC 1.gp5
There will be zero tolerance
For the creator of hallowed intentions
There will be zero tolerance
Fate is your deciding God
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Soo you've written a song inspired by Death about Death, not the band. You should release it with a Human-like production, Chuck sounding vocals and name it Death by Cover: that should throw people off even further.

Crit: Not a huge fan of the first riff but it works. First part of the eight bar sounds bad. 25/26 sounds cool, altough it doesn't fit that well. I like the next riff, progression sounds cool. Transition at 51, although cool doesn't really work. I like the next power chord riff, it's simple but effective. Next riff is a bit weird, and the way it's tabbed makes it even weird. Next riff is meh. Final chords sound kinda bad, I'd use 324, it works better. 4.5/10, needs work.
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