Upon trying to find some good solo artists I've come across Marco Sfogli and I found it mind-blowing. Needless to say I ran to my guitar and started practicing the song called still hurts.

I am now stuck at a part where there are 2 notes played per string and you have to jump from one string to another pretty fast. My right hand just goes numb and I end up doing lots of hammer-ons which I do not want to do. I want to strum every note.

This 2-note-madness can be heard at around 2:05 in the song, right after the bend. I've tried messing around with different picking techniques and even tried alternative picking mixed with small sweeps but no luck. What would be a good way to play this fast and clean?

Here are the tabs:


That's just the pentatonic minor, you should get that with practice to be honest. Just take it slow, nail it at half speed with a metronome then work your way up.
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pull-offs and then slide to the 12
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What would be a good way to play this fast and clean?

Not a very exciting answer, but lots of practice. 2 note per string lines can be tough because there's lots of string crossings. Make sure your hand is relaxed and your accents are clear.