Hello everyone,
I created a rock band in 2011 and so far only has 2 permanent members at the moment, me and my bandmate. Sound of the band is rock, variety of different rock sounds (heavy rock, alternative, punk, etc.). 2 drummers have come and gone, one because he just never kept in contact and the other unfortunately had to move to another city. So I wish to add 2 new members to the band and I am looking for people to join the band. I'd like to add at least 1, as a trio is still functional while we look for the last member. The primary reason why I'm pushing for now, other than losing my previous drummer, is that for this summer I wish to play a couple of concerts, I think it would be a good time to gain some live experience (other than my kareoke night experiences...). So what am I looking for is the following:

1) Age 16-25 (similar to the bands age group, we're 20 yrs old, turning 21 later in 2013)
2) Anyone that plays guitar (you're role would end up being primarily rhythm guitar, you might take over lead on some occasions), bass, or drums
3) If drumming, we'd most likely would have to jam at your place as we do not own drumsets...or we can figure out something to get a rehearsal space.

This band is going to take the risk in a couple of years to the real music scene (touring, recording, etc.), so this is a serious project. That being said were laid back people but we work and focus on our passion. If looking for a chance to join and want to inquire on more information or how we sound like I can send you some demo material, reply or send me a message, thanks.

Bands current lineup:

1) Frontman (Me); Age 20 - Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar/Bass
2) Bandmate; Age 20 - Lead Guitarist, Backup Vocals

Thanks for reading and rock on,