Hi my name is jordan i am an audio engineer and im new here to these forums wasnt sure where to post this but my friend and i are in the process of building a informational blog and tutorial website going over everything from diy recording, information on self promotion tips for freelancing audio engineers, mic techniques and applications ect. we also wanted to review gear! i would mainly focus on guitar gear, my passion is pedals! i absolutely love them from building them to finding interesting and creative sounds from them! i was wondering if anyone knew how to get companies to send you gear to review? thank you guys!
Ermmm.... actually buy the gear?

In so far as I know even majorly popular reviewers like Gearmanndude very rarely get pedals free to review. Even then, it took him a long time before he even got noticed by pedal makers. A very long time.

Another popular reviewer Fuzzboxgirl doesn't get any free boxes to review iirc.
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Why would the manufacturers provide free gear to some unknown website that nobody has ever heard of? They would only even start to consider it once you were a household name with millions of hits.

If you want to review gear, you're going to have to buy it.

The only other potential option would be to try and work a deal with a reasonably sized retailer to have them provide the kit, but they'd also get to host the reviews on their site, it's unlikely they'd agree to anything if it was going to be hosted elsewhere. Essentially though, no matter how impartial you tried being, you would end up becoming a part of their sales team as they wouldn't post any negative reviews - that wouldn't help them sell anything.

EDIT: Also, everything you are talking about offering is already available right here on UG. Maybe you should just post whatever reviews etc you want here - you'd get a damn sight more hits than you would by trying to promote your own site.
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thanks for the thoughts guys i do plan on buying gear to review in the near future dont get me wrong im not trying to get a partnership with electro harmonix or anything, i was thinking of lesser known brands that could benefit from reviews like blackout effectors, TSVG, maybe Red Witch ect there are alot of great somewhat unknown guitar pedal companies that could benefit from the advertising
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If you want to throw up legit Demos here then please use this thread and the format guide it offers.

Good luck


As far as Recording Tips and Tricks, I'd start with this Recordings Thread to get you started down that path.


Time will tell if you decide to be a valued member of our community or just someone looking for a place to advertise their wares.
If you figure out the magic words to say to companies to make them send you free gear, please let me know.

In all seriousness though, gear reviews are done exclusively by volunteers who bought the gear, representatives from the company, music stores (such as PGS), and (very rarely) sources with a huge audience (like guitar magazines.)

Not to be mean, but how are you planning on approaching this website? There are a million places to find what you listed online, how are you going to stick out and be competitive? Startups work best when they fill a previously unfilled gap in the market.
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I ran a blog with gear reviews for some time. I have since taken it down as it is just sooo time consuming and guitar was suffering, but I found I got gear cheaper then usual if you show and prove to them that you are generally interested in reviewing fairly their gear. It can't be half baked stuff either I mean professional in depth reviews with video demos/written articles and sound demos before they will take you seriously.