Hey guys i know there is a thread similar to this one below but i have an m-audio interface and it came with pro tools 8 essentials but iv come to that point where this stripped down version of pro tools isnt eough anymore. So im wondering what other software works with the m-audio interface im not ready to buy a new interface yet but i am ready for new software even though i adore pro tools. Mainly im looking for something that can support plug-ins. Coz then maybe i can record the plug ins in something else and import it into pro tools either way what are some free/priced recording software that supports the use of USB powered m-audio interface and plug ins
Thanks guys, any help is greatly appreciated
Erm, we've answered this in that other thread. Get Reaper, it's the best value for money if you're recording (if you're producing then mixcraft is worth a look).
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will it work with m-audio?

I'm pretty sure any DAW will work with your m-audio
Basically any DAW will work with any interface. My M-Audio 2496 came with ProTools and Ableton, but I already had Magix installed and it worked perfectly. Never even touched ProTools and Ableton just because I didn't need them.
Yes, it'll work with anything. Most DAWs don't care what interface you use as long as it has ASIO (REAPER doesn't even need that).
Whats a DAW? Digital Audio Workstation. A.K.A.- recording software. Reaper, Cubase, pro-tools, etc..