[UK] Gaming/Audio PC Workstation with all accessories and cables, looks awesome!

or sale is a desktop computer I built myself and have upgraded periodically over the years. Only selling as I just purchased a MacBook Pro, and as such the machine is surplus to requirements. Specs for PC are as follows:

Case: Coolermaster CM-690ii (built in fan, 2.5" HDD Caddy on top)
Power Supply: OCZ StelthXtreme 700Watt
Motherboard: Asus P5K-C (USB2, Firewire, Gigabit LAN, eSata)
Wireless: Cisco Systems Wireless N Dual Band (Very top end, just as fast as a wired connection!)
RAM: 4GB DDR2 PC2 6400
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E8400
Graphics: ATI Radeon HD4890 PCS+ 1024MB (1GB)
Optical: Samsung Multilayer DVD RW
HDD 1: Western Digital 250GB 7200rpm (Main drive, smaller faster spindle speed = Better performance).
HDD 2: Samsung Spinpoint 500GB - 7200RPM (USed this as (My documents, different drive adds security for any breach and also keeps the main system drive to operate just as that).
HDD 3: Western Digital 1TB (1000GB) 5400rpm - loads of storage for films/music and audio project. Running off this second drive free's up the first drive to just run the computer, making for faster loading times.
Cooling: 5 x Silent Cooling fans (less than 9dbu at max speed! Very quiet) with a NZXT 5 way fan controller/temperature monitoring system. This looks very cool! Especially with the front blue LED fan switched on too.
Screen: Dell 19inch LED Flat monitor
Operating System: Windows 7 64bit Professional Edition (Clean install - Disc Included)
Accessories: 5400DPI Wired Laser Gaming Mouse + Z-Tech Merc Ergo-Gaming keyboard (specialised gaming pad).

PC comes with a completely fresh install of the operating system (Windows 7 Pro 64 Bit - Genuine, with discs and product key), so you can completely customise it to the way you want it. The system is very stable, and can run more than 40 channels of audio without any latency or stress in pro-tools and cubase. It can also run Crysis 2 and basically any game on steam out at the moment with no issues what-so-ever on high graphics settings. The graphics card has a built in over clocking software on the computer, and is very high performance as standard (it was the last version of the chipset, so they went a bit nuts with cooling and clocks).

On the clean install I will put all the utilities for the hardware (Graphics etc) and a couple of useful free programs INCLUDING antivirus software and web browsing. I will also include original install disc for Windows 7 Pro 64 bit.

Has treated me very well over the years, got me through many a uni deadline and given me many of hours of fun gameplay. Is a proven and highly stable, quiet system that would be perfect for students in the next academic year, for an individual looking to set up a home studio or for a medium level gamer looking for a more powerful system than their laptop or family computer. Ran Cubase, Pro-Tools 9/10, Reason and oodles of other software with no issues what so ever only ever froze up on my once or twice in the whole time I've owned it.

I will also offer technical support for a month from the purchase date, in addition to setting it up if it is required by the buyer.

May sell each bit separately (tower, mouse, keyboard and screen) if a genuine and decent offer is made.

Will deliver for free to city center, roath, cathays and cardiff bay - otherwise local delivery/meetup can be arranged. You can also come and collect from me/have a look before buying.

If you want any more information just get in touch via phone/email/text, details at the top of the ad.

Email text or call for more info.

£200 inc local delivery and set up. Would rather not post. System is worth £300 for the case, fan controller, accessories and power supply alone!!! Based in Cardiff, Wales.

Pictures here: [forbidden link]
Pics here sorry:
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