HI, i have been looking for a pathfinder 10 schematic and found this site, I found a post by Invader Jim, showing he had a new schematic for this amp, I have pm'd but I notice he hasnt been on the site for a month so I wonder if anyone else has this schematic? thanks

There's a Pathfinder 15-R schematic on Google:

There's gonna be extra parts for the reverb, and some changed parts to increase the wattage, but the signal path is likely to be similar. What do you need it for?
hi, thanks for that, the schematic Jim posted is quite different though, and bares much more resemblance to the pathfinder 10 i have in front of me which i want to mod a little, I also want to make a variation of the amp for a travel guitar i have made with a built in speaker
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Quite a lot of parts there, and the use of non-battery voltages (10W may be different) makes it a little tricky to do as an integrated amp. Have you considered doing one of the little simple "smokey" 1W LM386 chip amps?

See also the Ruby, which includes an input buffer. Could throw some EQ controls in there and stuff.
hi,, i have made an amp already, using a rough approximation of the tube screamer fed into a TDA7052 amp, I was interested in the drive stage of the pathfinder10, i cant quite make out some of the values from the image Jim posted, cheers, Josh
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