To get to the other side.

The other side as in... the afterlife.

Am I the only one that's only just got this joke? I thought it was just a stupid anti-joke this whole time, when really it was clever word play. The little fella committed suicide and I've only just got this joke after 30 years and oh God and Jesus Christ and the feels.

My whole life has been a lie.

He knew he was going to be made into KFC and he didn't want to give them the pleasure of taking his life.
i never thought of it that way to be honest. But I don't believe in the afterlife either so there you go.
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I am inferior to him.

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The other side is the rumbling stomach of master-species, or being set on fire alive while running around the streets of rural china/philippines.

Once I had a force-fed penguin who helped me on my journey to tranquility. I only thought I could be a minute or two away from helpless aggression, but instead decided to take swing dance lessons from my consequential inequity. This of course led to the illustrious display of virulent propaganda you see before you, understandably circumventing multiple persons of various proportions.

See, I was a working man. It was all I knew in those dark, lonely hours in space. Time spent coddling my one and only harpsichord and eating frayed ends of strangers' spaghetti noodles was otherwise wasted on vain attempts at humanity. My consolatrix was better acclimated to such tensions, but I... I could not manage... It was rather unfortunate.

Only a somnambulist's dream could acquit my featured presentation, which was only a cheap imitation of an old catcher's mitt. Sometimes the most lasagna of aspirations are the ones that really hit home.

Those are my thoughts on this. Brought back some fond memories.
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I dont think that that is the joke.

I have been told that that is the joke.

By the internet.
Dammit, Johnny. I already covered this in my short film, Chicken Crossing


And yes, I post the shit out of this video. I made it and I'm very proud of it. Wrangling 7 chickens and training them to cross a road is not easy.
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Is there any proof that the chicken in question did, in fact, cross the road?
It's over simplified, So what!

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Obsceneairwaves, watch the film. Video documented proof of multiple chickens crossing a road.
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Oh, DON'T use a knife. It cuts through your strings. I did that once, thinking, its the Low E, its invincible. Turns out, its not...

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Literally everyone already knows this.
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Your post was the only bright spot in this disgusting piece of thread.

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HOW did the chicken get to the other side?

Stapled to the puppy.

Analyze that one
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I realized the joke last year. It blew my head open. I had no clue. I thought it was just a statement played off as a joke. As in it was so unfunny, that's what kinda made it funny.


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I was 16, spending time with much younger cousins the day I finally got the ketchup-joke. (In my defence, it doesn't actually make sense in norwegian, so I have no idea why it's told here)

I always thought the joke was that the run over tomato had become ketchup. Strange how it's still such a common joke without the pun.
Thanks a lot TS, you just blew my mind. Now I'll have to find another one
Emerse your soul in love

You used to be alright What happened?

Yellow tigers crouched in jungles in her Dark Eyes .
I feel like there's a thread on this every 3 or 4 months.
^ The last two panels

Anyway heard this a while ago so
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Wait the **** up, we just had this thread.

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discovered the meaning of this joke about 2 years ago. i always thought it was just an anti-joke, which, is actually how it's told most of the time.

to get to the other side, duh! that's why anyone crosses the road! etc.
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I understood the real meaning of it the first time I heard it because my native language is not the bastardization or the respectably exquisite original form of English.

I was 17, and well on my way to the age of reason. Shame about the other side though, it's so lonely
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VSauce already explained the joke.


Bill Nye!
Tomorrow will take us away
Far from home
No one will ever know our names
But the bards' songs will remain
Tomorrow will take it away
The fear of today
It will be gone
Due to our magic songs