I have been looking into tube and hybrid amps and i like the blackstar ht combos but would they do metallica,and do they have good cleans.I am currently playing a washburn xmpro2fr.Thanks for any help
I play metallica on my ht combo everyday
and yes the cleans are surprisingly good and so is the built in reverb
go play it
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We need more info, what's your budget, new or used, location in the world, genres you're looking to cover, and home or gig or both.

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An Audio Note ONGAKU with an M10 preamp would probably work...

Or you could answer the questions posed above and we could actually help you out.
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My budget would be between $300 and $500,and new or used is fine,I am into metal,hard rock,etc.....,and i do home and gig.I want to upgrade my current amp it is a Fender Mustang,My closest city would be knoxville tn that is where the closest guitar center is.
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