With my birthday coming up I thought it'd be a good idea to upgrade my amp but now I'm stuck between what I want exactly.

I'm looking for something loud but can be turned down (I know this might not be possible anyways to get a good tone), can play Hendrix, Zeppelin, and can get deep, awesome, clean tones. Right now I'm able to get a Blonde Fender Bassman from 1963 and it's well documented with the matching cabinet. Everything seems to be in order but I don't think it's been "Blackfaced" or modded in anyway and goes for $2,300

Now I like the idea of versatility and that amp seems like it can do it all but I love the Van Halen tone and have the chance to buy a Metropoulos 12000 head for $1200. The head has variac capabilities and a post phase inverter master volume in the bottom first input which would help contain the volume down but I've heard it creates LOTS of buzzing but is good for clean tones. No cab is included so I would have to get one..

I'm not really sure what to get.. The Bassman is expensive but seems to be well worth it's price. The head seems awesome but there's no cab with it. I'd love to spend $1,800 max but man.. That bassman makes me want to reconsider.

I can provide more information, but based off just this what do you guys think?