Hey everyone! i just bought my first guitar and amplifier!

i got myself a Scheter Omen 6 and a Peavey Valveking 112.
i know its not best equipment, but im just starting to play.

So basically, i got my amp, but i had to order my guitar online because they didn't have the colour i desired.

However, in the store, i realized that when i was holding the guitar, and strumming the strings, it felt very awkward . It did not feel natural, i wasn't comfortable. the same thing happened when i tried to "press" on the strings (shorten the strings) to achieve different sounds.

i would just like to know, after how much time does it take to lose that "awkward" feeling? any tips on how to feel more comfortable faster??

Practice, Practice, Practice... The awkward feeling should go away as soon as you know the basics though. And of course, have fun playing
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Learning to play an instrument is basically teaching your body to do something it is not designed to do. That is the best way I've ever had it explained to me. You keep practicing and practicing until everything you want to do will natural. It takes a lot of time though. More for some than others. Don't ever think your body is incapable as it's all about teaching yourself to do something you're not genetically designed to do.
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The guitar might need a proper setup.
The action may be too high, for example, and that's an easy fix that makes all the difference.
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