hey guys, im not sure if this thread belongs here, so please correct me if it dosent. For some reason, all the power tab and pro tab i have been trying to ge have apparently been removed. such as "Always with you,always with me" By- joe satriani, and "sad but true" by-metallica. All of the older songs like that have the same thing, they have been removed? I dont think that every copy of these songs would have been removed, so im posting this here to see if anyone has any answers
yeah, both of those links say the same thing : that they have been removed by publisher
The answer to why is right there. It's been removed by the request of the publisher.
What that means is, the copyright owners did not allow UG to publish any (more) tablatures of their music on this site.

Since everything you submit to UG becomes UG's property, they have to remove it in order to stay out of trouble.

This tends to happen somewhat often with the more popular artists, which, Metallica and Joe Satriani are the perfect examples. Unfortunately, there's nothing you can do about it except hope UG makes an agreement with the publisher. Sorry about that, man.
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