Hey everyone,

After I had just boughten my New '12 American Standard Strat , I now have 2 electrics (the other being 76' Ibanez LP Custom) and I have a meh acoustic guitar. I never play it because I don't like it's action and everything.. it is good for beginning , but I am far past that and after playing my best friends Gibson Hummingbird, and my dad's friend's Martin D30 there is no way I can just go back and play the $150 acoustic I have now.

They are sooooo amazing with sound, action, neck.. everything. I don't and can't just play a low quality acoustic now. BUT I want to play more acoustic and NEED to play more acoustic and need a new one

After playing the Martin, Hummingbird and a few very nice Ibanez's .. Martin is where my decision lands , but I don't know which ones I should look into and which ones to keep my eye out for and go play at a music store ..

I am willing to spend $500-$900 .. not 1k unless there is an amazing one that is 1k exactly.

So I am looking for suggestions of some of the best Martin's for the price range of $1000 - $500. I would obviously go for one that is more near my max $ limit, but I don't know where to start or which ones to look into.

Could I get suggestions of Martin's best acoustic guitars in that price range ? or at least some names so I can do some looking into?

Thanks everyone! Very much appreciated
you won't find a "best" martin at $900 or less - you'll find entry level all solid or mostly martin's HPL laminate b&s models. me, at that level, i'd rather get a recent, gently used 15 or 16 series. the entry level all solid martin is the 1 series

here's the entire 1 series

for your budget, you could afford either of the all-solid epiphone masterbilt guitars - there are all solid, unlike other epiphones, and deliver nice rich tone.



you could also afford an all solid blueridge or recording king that are copies of old martins and sound and look good.
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I'm pretty much in the exact same place as you right now, but I recently bought an Am. Std. Telecaster haha. I've been going to stores for the past week or so and have decided that I like the OM1-GT, all solid, american made Martin for $949+tax
I have a Martin D-1GT for sale brand new and never been played int he box with a case $750

Private message me if you're interested.

Let me know if you're interested.
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Martin DRS1 or DRS2. $749.99 and $799.99 @ guitar center and pretty much anywhere else.

I am curious on which Ibanez acoustics you tried. All of the guitars they have under the artwood line have solid tops. They sound ok, but the really awesome acoustics they make usually will have a model number with 4 digits instead of 3. The one's with 4 digits are "all solid" tops, backs, and sides. For example, AW3000 is all solid and the AW300 will just have the solid top. The "all solid" artwoods will go for $500 to $800 depending on whether they have electronics installed. They sound great for the price too.

One more suggestion would be to check out the yamaha "A" series, they are also "all solid."
patti's right. scrapin' the bottom of the Martin barrel at that price point. there are a lot of better alternatives( like the ones she suggested) that'll give you more for the same price.... it just doesn't have that martin name on the headstock. or like she said..find a used one. the blueridges she mentioned are great guitars. sound very martin-esque, and fall in your budget. the masterbilts are great if you can find a good one...very inconsistant quality from what i've found. i'm not familiar with the Recording Kings....yet... i've been meaning to find a dealer and try some out.
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