Hey guys, pretty much new to these boards and a complete idiot when it comes to electronics and whatnot.
Long story short, own this amp, got it used. The inner workings of the amp are very clean. Speaker and tweeter hooked up correctly, pots cleaned with contact spray and a few wires have been resouldered by a buddy of mine. The tone sounds great, just my issue is that the volume honestly does not get that loud.. At (5/10) its just as loud as i strum. A little more (8/10) its around double. I just wanted to see what i could take a look into to solve this problem?

The only other thing left i absolutely know i need to do is resoulder the wires comming in from the power. The ground cable (green) is barely hanging on and the others forsure need done. Could this have a reason for volume issues? How about the speaker itself?

Thanks guys!
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Could be tubes?

Isnt the Cali blode solid state / transistors?
Is your pickup active? If so, check the battery, if not, try a preamp. Acoustic pickups seem, to me, to have quite a variation in output.
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Seriously, I'm not a fan of iphones and guitars mixing.
I just installed an LR baggs m1active in my martin three days ago. Brand new.