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I've been having some trouble with a short sweeping section in one of my band's songs. One of those unfortunate cases where you write a part you can't play yet haha. I'm not a beginner at sweep picking and I can play it comfortably at around 180 bmp, but I need to get it up to 215. Any suggestions as to how to speed it up? (in addition to just a shitload of practice).
a shitload of practice unless there's a specific issue. odds are you're gonna be taxed playing that speed without any slop unless you have a great muting technique.
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Machine-gun it for a few hours until you can either play it perfectly at at least 225 or until you get sick of it and rewrite the part, which ever comes first.
play with a metronome, start at a slow comfortable speed to make sure you're getting every note- then speed it up by 2 or 3 bpm every time you nail it. assuming you're using tons of distortion, use a clean channel for practicing purposes because it can often make errors more apparent - note smudges, unwanted strings rattling etc. (we'll I've found that in any case).