Easy Listening artist Wayne Reynolds mixes Pop music into his classic guitar sound. Reynolds has re-released his album “Another Day Goes By” this year. It contains elements of Folk, Pop, Jazz, Classical, Bossa Nova, Oldies and more! He really pulls influences from his years playing classical guitar and being on the forefront of rock in Tennessee in the 60’s. You combine all of that and you get Wayne Reynolds! As an eclectic singer, songwriter, and guitarist, Reynolds has consistently avoided kowtowing to any brand of musical dogma throughout his musical career. “I’m reminded,” muses Reynolds, “of the exhortation by none other than Bobby McFerrin that we should not live in the same musical room all the time. Walk around, don't get stuck.”

There is no doubt that “Another Day Goes By” adheres to the open-ended artistic ethos that has sustained Reynolds since the beginning of his musical journey. You can listen, download, or order the album on iTunes here: bit.ly/WayneReynoldsiTunes and Amazon here: bit.ly/WayneReynoldsAmazon. You can also download his single “A Little Gray” for free on Facebook here at: bit.ly/WayneReynolds_FreeDownload

You can connect with Wayne Reynolds on Facebook, Twitter, and ReverbNation.