Hey guys,

I got an SVT-410HLF on trade a few months back and it's just been sitting in my music room staring at me since. Generally, I don't play bass unless I'm recording something, so I just have my RBI mounted in my desk rack, permanently plugged into my recording gear... but I feel the need to plug into the cab and make the house rattle

I'm looking for an amp (or power amp) to plug into the SVT cab (500w RMS) that will play well with the Sansamp RBI or my Kemper Profiling Amp. If it sounds awesome by itself and I won't need either, that's fine, too!

Budget: $500 MAX, I'd prefer to trade one of my basses I'm not using for it, or sell it and break about even, so $4-500 is ideal. Used is perfectly fine.

Genres: Generally metal, though I have people that come over and jam with me every once and a while, and we usually end up playing classic rock, blues or some kind of progressive rock.

Currently, my favorite amp I've played is the Mesa M6 Carbine, but it seems to be a tad out of my budget. I'd love to stretch, but since I don't intend to be playing out with this anytime soon, it seems silly to spend a ton. That being said... if I DO end up playing out... I'd like an amp that is loud enough to not be lost in the mix. Please don't suggest any Ampeg heads, I've played them all, and I'm not impressed

Thanks, dudes!
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